Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday, I was leaving the hospital after visiting with June, one of the members here who is to undergoing tests to see if she needs surgery. After visiting and praying with June, I made may way down the stairs toward the exit. As I was leaving, Rhonda B and her daughter Olivia were leaving the hospital as well. Olivia had her tonsils removed - she was not very talkative. I also saw two brothers Bryant (age 12) and Colin (age 9) sitting in the vending area. Bryant and my son attend school together (since kindergarten) and the visit our congregation during VBS and through the year when they are spending the night with friends who attend with us. Colin was in my wife's 1st Grade class a couple of years ago. I have visited with the Grandmother when she was in the hospital. Why do I share this background? Let me quote our conversation at the hospital yesterday.

"Hey, guys" I said, "what brings you to the hospital?" I thought maybe their mom, dad, or Granny might be there for tests, surgery, etc.

"Granny's visiting a friend upstairs and we are with her 'cause mom and dad are at work." Bryant said.

Colin spoke up, "Bryant, shut up! We are not supposed to talk to strangers." I looked at Colin to remind him who I was, only to see him grinning ear to ear before he added, "and no one's stranger than Mr. McCown!"

Brothers! Boys! Kids! Whatever happened to respecting your elders? Actually, I felt complimented that a couple of boys were comfortable enough with me to tease.

Have a great day!

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