Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Top Ten Children's Questions to God

And now today's Top Ten list is from the files in Parrish, Alabama. Top Ten Children's Questions to God.

10. When you got elected, did you get all the votes?
9. Why isn't Mrs. God's name mentioned in the Bible? Were you not married to her when you wrote it?
8. There were no clouds on Saturday and I think I saw your feet. Did I?
7. When you made the first man, did he work as good as we do now?
6. Why did you make people speak foreign languages? It would be easier if everybody spoke English like you and me.
5. Is it O.K. to talk to you even when I don't want anything?
4. Where did yesterday go? Do you have it?
3. I am afraid of things at night more than in the daytime. So, could you keep the sun on longer? That would be a good thing for me.
2. I know there is a God because I go by his house and see all your cars parked there. What is your favorite car?

And the number one question children have for God . . . .

1. How come you only have ten rules, but our school has millions?

* for those that are curious -- that is me on the right and my childhood friend Tom on the left.

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