Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Eve in Parrish

Sunday night Parrish held our monthly singing night. Every last Sunday of the month we devote to singing and short devotional thought from one of our men. What a great night. At one point I stood up and asked for all the young boys who wanted to help me lead a song stand up with me. Two young school age boys came up to the front and I went to get a third. The third one is Rashad Jaxson Hussain, he is less than a year old, but he let me hold him and he grinned along as the other three of us lead the congregation in "Jesus Loves Me." It was a special moment.

I heard someone say that you can evaluate a congregation's theology by the doctrine taught in the songs that they sing. I took notes writing down every song we sang Sunday night. Each man who stood up to lead chose his own song (or song the one suggested by his wife). Here are the songs in order:

We Shall Assemble on the Mountain
Worthy Art Thou
Precious Lord
Only in Thee
At Calvary
Jesus Loves Me
A Wonderful Savior is Jesus My Lord
Leaning on the Everlasting Arm
As the Life of a Flower
Beyond this Land of Parting, Losing, and Leaving
Blue Skies and Rainbows (A Third Grade student lead this one)
I Have Found a Friend in Jesus
(The next five songs were requested by our ladies and older men)
I Believe in the One They call Jesus
Ring Out the Message
Do You Know My Jesus?
Tell Me the Story of Jesus
Kneel at the Cross
You Are the Words and the Music

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Rhonda Smith said...

Scott. I love all of the songs. Especially Jesus is Lord......We have a wonderful and loving christian family at Parrish and I am so very humbled to be a part of the Parrish Congregation! And not to be a name dropper or anything but one person, in particular, Lauren, Jarods Wife, has a most crystal clear beautiful soprano voice.....she really does make a joyful noise to the lord....I have told her, I thought she has a very special gift of being able to sing so beautifully. See y'all Sunday! Sherry is still trying to send you an invite to be on her friends list on FaceBook.....she cant find