Monday, June 22, 2009

VBS Is Off to a Great Start.

150 children and adults attended VBS last night. Last night the Adult class, teen class, along with Cradle Role, the 2-3 year old class, and one other class studied about the Hero Joshua and the challenge he faced at Jericho Wall. In the picture, the 5th and 6th grade students stay in the "safety" of the walls of Jericho as their teacher, Phyllis Vickery, tells them about the nomadic Israelites who were victorious over Sihon and Og, and now made their way to Jericho. Could Jericho's walls once again provide protection in a military onslaught? This time Jericho was not ready to defend against such an "attack." What could those tent dwellers be thinking, coming once each day and marching around their city wall in silence before returning to camp? By day seven, I am certain Jericho was on the verge of laughter as the Israelites marched around the seventh time that day. But things changed when Israel shouted and the Levites sounded the trumpets! Without the aid of battering rams, catapults, or any other common elements of war, the wall of Jericho came apart. God had promised Joshua and Israel if they followed His way, Jericho would be theirs. Israel obeyed and God came through.

What are lessons we can learn from this Marvelous Hero named Joshua? I'll start with one, you add more:
1) Follow God's way, even if His way does not seem the way people would normally do things.

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