Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Family that Fishes Together . . .

I am grateful to be back home after a quick trip to Destin, FL (The Destin Log pic) for a long overdue deep sea fishing trip. My son (Andrew - almost 12) and I took off Sunday evening after worship and drove about five hours to my brother's house in Niceville, FL. There we tried to settle down to sleep so we could get up before the sun to go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico aboard the charter boat, "Perfect Shot." At 6:00am Captain Brady and First Mate Chris welcomed us aboard and we began our adventure. From the photo you can see the fruits of our labor - 21 Red Snapper (one under the "bag limit"), one Grouper, and one Cobia (a.k.a Ling). Obviously the fishing was fun.

For me one of the best parts of the whole three days was traveling with Andrew. His assignment from Amy was to keep me awake, and he did. We talked, laughed, listened to Classic Rock on the Radio, and enjoyed each other's company. He told me things about my Sunday night sermon that he saw in people he knew. My sermon was on the negative effects of divorce; he talked about his friends at school and their struggles with divorced and single parents. I think I heard a "thank you" for the relationship his Mom and I have. He is becoming quite the young man. I pray that I am a good example to him about what a father, husband, preacher, Christian, and man should be.


Anonymous said...

I remember a trip made to Texas with a young man about Andrew's age named Scott. Dad

Scott said...

I thought about that a lot Sunday & Tuesday as we traveled and Monday as we were fishing. That trip to Arlington served a big impact on my life -- somewhat of a coming of age trip. And yes I think it was the summer between sixth and seventh grade -- 30 years ago :-)