Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Many Bags?

Not long ago while at a local pharmacy, the young lady behind the counter noticed I lived in Oakman.  "I grew up there and graduated OHS," she said.  Then she mentioned folks she went to school with and we made some friend connections.  Then she asked if I knew one of the former principals of OHS.  When I admitted I did, she laughed and told me to tell him that he was a "two-bagger."

I did not know at the time what a "two bagger" was.  I inquired and she let me in on the story.  Here is the pun:  This young lady was about the same age as the principal's children and were friends with them.  He would jovially tell them when they were double dating to be sure to wear a paper bag over their heads so their dates would not know how ugly they were.  He would sometimes tell them to wear two bags just in case one ripped.

I remember when the loyal New Orleans Saints fans wore bags in the 1980's.  They were protesting a poor performing team.  There was also a stand-up comedian in the late 1970's who wore a bag on his head and called himself the "Unknown Comic."  These people wore bags to hide their identity for one reason or another.

I wonder how many bags we wear?  Do we have bags that we wear to hide our Christianity from our co-workers, schoolmates, or fellow athletes?  Do we have bags we wear when we are around other Christians to hide who we really are?  Can we become a "two or three bagger" just to cover ourselves in the case that someone begins to tear away one bag?  Are we ashamed to let people know who we really are?

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aaahhh....The Gong Show...it will be revised and redone soon, probably