Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Double Overtime

Last night the Oakman 8th grade boys won 47 to 44 at Curry. Oakman lead at halftime by 11 points. Curry came within three with less than 10 seconds on the clock. Then buzzer beater three pointer to end regulation and send the game into overtime. Their fans went wild. Three minutes later Oakman scores at the buzzer to send the game into a second overtime; Oakman's fans go wild! With one second on the clock Oakman rebounds a missed shot by Curry to hold on for a three point win! Wow! What a game. No one expected a such thriller! No one left because the game went into overtime twice. Almost every fan stood throughout both overtimes cheering on their team!

I wonder. I wonder what would happen if worship went into double overtime this Sunday . . .


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Anonymous said...

I think every preacher, elder, Bible class teacher has wondered the same thing. Nearly every preacher I know has used similar games (or long movies, etc.) as an illustration, too.

I think there are two ways of looking at this:

1. The peer-pressure approach. No one leaves because no one else leaves! People will sit through a 6-overtime college hoops game (trust me...ahem) partially because the person next to them hasn't moved, either. We talk about long worship services partially because others do!

2. The "excitement" factor. Or, as we often preach it, "where your treasure is...". That's very true. We love that team (or a player, or just the sport), but do we really love God. It comes back to the question of priorities. If worship goes 5-minutes longer than normal, are we upset? Why? Because we'll be late for kickoff? Because we had "other plans?" What excites us about worship should cause us to forget the clock!

...not that I'm ranting or anything.