Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Top Ten Gifts for Men

After reading Trey Morgans list of Bad Christmas gifts for Men, I felt inspired to write a list of good gift ideas for men. Here is my Top Ten Best Gifts for Real Men:

10. Hand Tools: Hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, anything that he can use with his hands. Even if your man is not the handy-man type; simply buying him these gifts will boost his manly ego and may even spark that handy-man gene.

9. A Tool Belt: What good are tools if you do not have a belt to display them in? Make sure it is of high quality material -- preferably leather (brushed or rough). A lightweight canvas apron is NOT a tool belt.

8. A Gift Card to a Hardware / Tool Store: He knows what he needs, let him get some therapy buy walking in a MAN-store make a selection and walk out.

7. Recreational Supplies: These vary from man to man. If he likes to fish, fishing gear is a great gift (a boat is even better). If your man is a hunter, you cannot go wrong with camouflage. If your guy is a spectator, buy clothing for his favorite team (Roll Tide Roll!).

6. A Gift Card to Bass Pro Shop or a similar outlet: This way he can get the gear he really needs that he does not already have.

5. A Year's Supply of Beef Jerky; Nothing says "I'm a Man!" like tearing hard dried beef with your teeth.

4. A Year's Supply of Sunflower Seeds: Manly seeds must be in the shell. Not only are sunflower seeds healthy, they give a man the opportunity to partake in a manly past-time: spitting. There is something reassuring to manhood when we expectorate the shells of sunflower seeds.

3. A Good Bible or Bible Study Guide: Real men need to be like the ultimate real man, Jesus. To be like Him, we must get to know Him through His word.

2. A Loving Home: Show your husband (father, son) that you truly love him. They may not be outwardly affectionate, but men do want to be loved and to show love.

1. Friendship: God looked down on Adam knew that man needed a companion like him. Men are social creatures and need friends. Wive, be your husband's best friend. And Husbands; be your wife's best friend.

My two cents worth,




Well done Scott. I hope all wives and kids read this :)

Drew Battistelli said...

quite a good post... maybe i'll start reading your writings too.

Scott said...

Thanks for the mention today!

Thank you for the encouragement. Take a look around at my other posts, if you like them, keep reading. I try to post two or three or times a week.

Anonymous said...

thats funny LOL