Monday, May 10, 2010

My Prezi

This is my first attempt at a Prezi presentation.  We are not set up to use Prezi with our current system at Parrish, but I wanted to see what a Prezi would look like so I built this one around the Mother's Day Sermon from 05.09.10.



Tim Archer said...

Interesting. Maybe my mind is to lineal, but I got a bit dizzy with the transitions.

And I'm guessing you're not going with the instrumental music in a sermon setting. :-)

Daniel & Martha Howell said...

Got a good response from using both of mine yesterday. No one passed out from having a seizure. In fact, I had a few people comment on how much they liked them. One person in particular said something that I always like to hear, "It made me pay attention because I was wondering what was going to come next."

I also preached directly from the Prezi, so I had more pertinent information for people to follow on the presentation. I'm liking it a lot thus far. If you need help figuring out how to set it up, let me know.

Scott said...

Tim & Daniel,

I did not use this Sunday (not the insturment either :-) ). Our computer guys use EasyWorship as a "do-all" program. It will allow them to import .ppt files. I was using OpenOffice, but the EasyWorship program would not run it so I switched back to .ppt -- I have not tried Prezi on that computer. I may if I have time this week.

As per the dizziness factor - I am somewhat concerned about that. If I use Prezi I will take it down a notch.