Monday, September 14, 2009

Notes from our Revival

We are in the middle of our Fall Gospel Meeting at Parrish. This year our theme is "The Road to Revival." Our focus is to renew our own zeal and dedication. Levi Sides (pictured at right) is the guest speaker for this series of meetings. He presented three great lessons Sunday, and we are looking forward to the next three tonight through Wednesday. Drop by if you can, services start each night at 7:00 - you can even join us for a meal at 5:30.

During our regular Bible Class hour yesterday morning, Bro. Sides presented a lesson on The Lord's Supper. He stated that remembering what Jesus did for us on the cross is the beginning of revival. He suggested that each Sunday as we partake of Communion we should have individual (and therefore, congregational) revival as we each examine ourselves. He also reminded us that as we gather for the privileged of communing with the Lord in His supper, we are not coming to a SHRINE, or to an IDOL, nor are we making a PILGRIMAGE, but we are coming to the LORD'S TABLE as His invited guest.

Consider the following quote from Levi Side's outline: "It is the DUTY and PRIVILEGE of the LORD'S PEOPLE on the LORD'S DAY to gather around the LORD'S TABLE in the LORD'S KINGDOM, to eat the LORD'S SUPPER in remembrance of the LORD'S DEATH until the LORD'S COMING."

Christ has set His Table, prepared His guest list, and participates with us as His Supper is eaten.

Did you commune with Christ this Sunday?


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