Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do You Love Like Jesus?

Jesus loved the Heavenly Father - Matt 22:36-37. Do you and I love the Lord with ALL of our heart, soul, and strength, or do we love Him just a little more than self?

Jesus loved the Word of God - Matt 24:35. Do you and I spend as much time listening or reading God's word as we do to the emails, blogs, and updates of our online friends and family?

Jesus loved Prayer - He was a man of prayer, there are many instances we read of Him going off to pray. Do you and I take time out of our day to talk with God?

Jesus loved Lost Souls - Luke 19:10. He loved the lost enough to sacrifice himself for them. Do you and I love them enough to tell them about God's offer in Christ?

Jesus loved the Church - Eph 5:25. Jesus gave His life for the Church, His Bride. Do we love the church or do we find excuses not to be around

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