Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Revelation and Perseverance

Monday I attended an area preacher's meeting at 6th Avenue church of Christ in Jasper, Alabama. Levi Sides and Vance Hutton both handed each of us a stack of outlines to study. One of these outlines is an old outline of Revelation based on the idea of perseverance. I am going to have to take time to study this outline more, but I thought you might enjoy it as well.

Revelation: Perseverance Challenged!
I. Perseverance challenged with earthly trials (Rev 1-11)
A. Christ's presence encourages perseverance (Rev 1-3)
B. The world's persecutions threaten perseverance (Rev 4-7)
C. God's judgments strengthen perseverance (Rev 8-11)

II. Perseverance challenged with spiritual conflict (Rev 12-22)
A. Perseverance is needed because of the great conflict between good and evil. (Rev 12-14)
B. Perseverance marks those who are truly God's children (Rev 15-16)
C. Perseverance triumphs over persecution, deceit, and worldliness (Rev 17-19)
D. Perseverance will stand triumphant in eternity (Rev 20-22)

Blessed is the one that OVERCOMES!


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