Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Three Year Old Saves Grandma

Children are amazing.  Watch the following video and read the comments below:

9-1-1 Call Video

What can we say?  This child listen to what his parents taught him, and was cool under pressure.  Verbal reports state that he even locked the dog in a room before he unlocked the door for the paramedics to come in.  He did not want the dog to get in the way.  WOW!

Children are capable of great things. Yet we sometimes downplay their importance. Consider the following suggestions:
  1. Parents, be sincere in encouraging your children.  Say things to build them up.
  2. Teachers, challenge children to learn and to grow intellectually.
  3. Parents, help your children be better students, by supporting the school they attend and assisting the teacher by teaching at home.
  4. Churches, do what you can to involve children and to use their energy. 
  5. Parents, lead your children in the way of the Lord (Deut 6:4-9).


Tim Archer said...

I'm hoping that we in our churches can give children the same priority that Jesus gave them.

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer

Scott said...

Tim, I give you an enthusiastic - AMEN!