Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Paul Tweeted

I read this blog about Jesus's tweets during Holy Week.  I began thinking about what other Bible characters might post as their updates.  This is what Saul of Tarsus might write:

SaulofTarsus: Held coats while others stoned that blasphemer Stephen.  He was way off.  Said he saw God's throne.
SaulofTarsus: On way to Damascus.  Plan to pull those of that New Way out and stone 'em.

SaulofTarsus: WOW,  That's a bright light!  What? Whos said that?
SaulofTarsus: Ananias just left.  I was blind, but now I see!
SaulofTarsus:  Barnabas is a great guy!  Stood up for me again!
SaulofTarsus:  Folks are calling me Paul.  Barnabas and I on a mission to herald Jesus as the Messiah.  Taking his nephew John-Mark along.
SaulofTarsus: Changing profile to @ApostleOutofSeasonBTW John-Mark got homesick.  What part of Self-denial did his miss?
ApostleOutofSeason: Ol' Barney makes me so mad!  I refuse to take J-M back out.  Taking Silas instead.
ApostleOutofSeason: Philippian Prison has great acoustics.  When Silas and I sang, we brought down the house!
ApostleOutofSeason: For me to live is Christ.  To die would be gain!
ApostleOutofSeason: Rejoice in the Lord - ALWAYS!  Again I say REJOICE! 8-)
ApostleOutofSeason: I think, I'll write Timothy once more.  I miss that boy!


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