Wednesday, August 12, 2009

iPods and iDols

This note is from my niece in Florida. She sent this message out on FaceBook. Melanie is a great young lady who takes after her Uncle in Alabama ;-) - Her dad is my brother.

I'm unsure if any of you found out that I ended up washing my iPod in the washing machine last week. I got it out before the next load went in.

I was a mess after that. Being in band its hard for me to not listen to music. So I complained to my dad saying, "Dad its impossible to live without my iPod" (don't take that literally).

He looked at me and said, "Melanie, do you think your iPod is an idol?"; it hit me right then, that even if we don't know it , some of our possessions can be IDOLs.

Please comment or write back about your opinion on idols.

Thanks , may God bless your day.

On a side note: Happy 20th Anniversary, Amy -- Thanks for saying, "yes"!

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Tim Archer said...

The Kingdom Seeking blog has had some interesting posts on idolatry. The latest was yesterday:

I'm afraid idolatry is a major problem for Christians.

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer