Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How Do We Learn?

Education professionals divide learners into three basic learning styles.
1) Auditory Learners. These people learn from listening to lectures or presentations in class. They may take notes, but learn mostly from what they hear. You can give these people verbal directions to a destination and they remember those directions.

2) Visual Learners. This group learns from what they see. The will take copious notes of lectures so they can read them later. They like charts, graphs, and pictures to reinforce what they hear. When you give them directions, draw a map or have them draw it as you direct them.

3) Kinesthetic Learners. I know this group well. I am this type of learner. We like lab work, apprenticeships, etc. We learn best by doing. We might hear what you say, but we remember it so that we can try it out. You can give us directions and draw us a map, but what really helps us is getting in the car and driving. Get us there once and we know our way.

I know I over-simplified the descriptions of learning styles, but I think you understand each one a little better now. My reason for mentioning them is to generate some thought about how we as Church leaders reach each group. Much of what we do in a Church setting we gear toward Auditory learners (sermons, lecture classes, and so on). How do you try to reach the other two groups? What are methods do you find successful for the Visual Learner, for the Kinesthetic Learner? Where can we improve?


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Tim Archer said...

That's one of the reasons I believe in using visuals when possible, of using PowerPoint-type presentations. I think it gives us a chance to reach out to people in a different way. If we look at the prophets, they often used "drama" to enhance their message. Jesus often connected his teaching to his surroundings. I think we need to be creative in communicating God's Word to people.

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer