Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pasta and Pen-Pals

Just over a month ago our nephew, Daniel Howell, who preaches in Sweet Water, TN told us about Pasta and Pen-Pals. Here is how it works. Once a month volunteers get together at for a Pasta Dinner. After dinner, each person writes a letter to fellow Christians who are struggling with issues that are keeping them from attending worship. The letters are kind and encouraging, they should focus on helping the recipient know they are missed with the hope that they will return. Daniel and the Sweet Water congregation had good results from their first Pasta and Pen-Pals effort.

Since they had good results we thought we would do our own. I announced what we were planning on Sunday morning and evening. Last night 41 people including children came for fellowship and to write letters. The children, with help from some very patient adults, colored, addressed, and signed postcards. Other adults wrote letters and short notes. We had about 10 families on our list this month. And there were close to if not over 100 letters/cards written. That means that each family could receive up to 10 notes this week from their Spiritual family. Prayerfully, this will have a positive impact on them and they will make effort to return to worship.

A side benefit that I was not expecting, but should have, was that many who attended Pasta and Pen-Pals made statements about how much they needed what we did. I am looking forward to getting results, but I am also looking forward to next month.