Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Singing Lessons

Last night, David Courington began a month-long series of lessons that our leaders hope will help our congregation to better sing with understanding and with the Spirit.  Here are some important lessons I think every congregation of God's people need to hear.

  • 1. Singing can improve with 1) Good Coaching, 2) Good Examples, and 3) the 3 "P's" -- Practice, Practice, and Practice.
  • Good singers are taught, not born!
  • Ten Suggestions to IMMEDIATELY Improve Congregational Singing:
  1. Remember Your Audience - Eph 5:19 - is God.
  2. Remember Your Neighbor - Col 3:16.
  3. Sit up.
  4. Hold your head up.
  5. Look up at the leader.
  6. Start with the leader.
  7. Sing out.
  8. Keep up with leader.
  9. Speak up - enunciate.  Don't be lazy with your speech.
  10. Hold your note and volume - don't trail off at the end of phrases, verses, or songs.
Come join us each Tuesday in February at 6:00 for these lessons. 
Happy singing.  



Tim Archer said...

I think points 1 and 2 need to be combined. Some songs are directed at God. Some are directed at our neighbor. I think it's important to discern which is which.

I've developed the habit of trying to close my eyes when I'm singing to God. Not a big thing, but I consider a song to God as a prayer, and I typically close my eyes to pray. Just helps me remember what I'm doing.

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer

Doug Young said...

I hope that singing "out" isn't confused with singing "as loud as you can." I fear that people often misconstrue singing with "all the heart" with singing "as loud as possible." The two are not one in the same.

Scott said...

I was trying to stretch for ten points ;-) instead of just 9.

I like that you close your eyes when praising God. When I have the opportunity to lead congregational singing, I receive encouragement from those I see that are "emotionally and spiritually" invested in what they are singing.

Scott said...

Doug, No singing out is not singing as loudly as possible. Singing out is projecting at the volume that is right for the song and room. You can sing out and sing pianissimo as well as pianoforte.