Monday, February 8, 2010

Top Ten Ideas to Help Destroy the Local Church

The home office is feeling quite sarcastic this morning and provides us the following top ten list:  Top Ten Ideas to Help Destroy the Local Church.

10. Be irregular or at least habitually tardy in attendance at Bible Classes, worship, and other activities.
9. Talk critically about church leaders in public, around other members, and to your family.
8. Be apathetic in you singing.  Please do not move you mouth and never demonstrate emotions when you sing.
7. Do not come prepared for Bible Classes and worship when you do attend.
6. Talk about where you attend in terms of "they" instead of "we;"  As in, "Do you know what 'they' are doing down at the church?"
5. Constantly criticize and look for opportunities to complain or to think the worst of the church or other Christians.
4. Do not study your Bible at home or anytime you are away from the assembly.
3. Do not be "ready to give an answer" for the "hope" you have of inheriting eternal life.
2. Do compartmentalize your life into sections such as: a) Private Life, b) Public Life, c) Church Life, and d) Family Life.  Do not let these separate lives cross over and merge.
And the number one idea to help destroy the local church is  . . .
1) Expect others to do more (contribute, work, etc.) than you are willing to do.

Seriously, take each of these ideas and do the opposite to help the local church grow!



Gallagher said...

Excellent thoughts! I really like #2 about compartmentalizing part of our lives.

Regarding #1 I like the quote, "Let him who says it cannot be done, stop criticizing the one doing it."


Wow, you nailed it on the head. Amen and amen! :)