Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary

As of yesterday, Feb 25, 2010 this blog is one year old. Looking back I think this has been a good year.  I entered the world of blogging after reading:

So a special thanks to Tykerman1, Trey, Dale, Bruno, and Adam for introducing me to the power of blogging.

I hope my thoughts have been useful, occasionally funny, and helped you each day in your walk with God.

Keep reading and keep growing.



Joe Palmer said...

Thanks Scott,

It was because of you that I started last summer. I just passed 5000 page views. It is fun and I am finding a lot of other good material out there.

I encourage you to join networked blogs on facebook.

Adam Faughn said...

Scott, your first year has been helpful to me!

Keep up your great work!!!