Monday, May 11, 2009

A Fishing Story

This is not about one that got away, although I have a few of those to tell. This is about a deep sea fishing trip from a few years ago. This story is on my mind because I am planning to go out from Destin, FL next month to bring in a Grouper, Amberjack, or Mahi-Mahi. I'll try to take good pics and have a story to share then as well.

Today's story is about a trip some men from the church I was with took about 12 years ago. It was a nice day in May, or at least it started out that way. We headed out for the gulf getting ready for a great day of fishing. Much to our surprise, and I am guessing the captain and deckhands surprise as well, we ran into a squall-line out in the gulf. Somehow we had all missed the small craft advisory. On board we had the experienced deckhands, a few retired Naval seaman, a couple of Air Force pilots and navigators, and an avid sailor and boat owner. Then there were the rest of us; a handful of experienced land-lubbers. When we hit the squall line the wind and waves began to rock the boat. Waves crashed over the sides, deckhands began running around with a panicked look. Experienced sailors and seasoned deckhands were leaning over the rails. I decided to take matters into my own hands . . . I went down below into the galley to pray and to look for Jesus so I could wake Him up so he would still the stormed seas!

Needless to say, he was not there physically, but He was there to talk too. As I prayed for safety, I thought about the disciples in the boat on Galilee. I immediately understood their fears, I understood their desire for help.

This event made me think. Do I pray regularly, or only when there is an emergency? How often do you pray?

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