Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Video Blog

I don't like the still that Blogger chose, but I do not know how to change it :-(

Have a fun out there today!


Scott said...

My statement near the end where I say that we should not tell our children what to do, I should have said, "We should not SIMPLY or ONLY tell our children what to do, but should LIVE as an example of what they should do.

John said...

Great Scott

You are now on my 'cool' list. Is that illustration original? It's pretty good. I may steal it sometime. I'll give yu a hat tip.

Scott said...

John, feel free to use it, just don't credit me. The person I got it from my be in the audience.

Denise Grissom said...

Great blog video! I just wanted to let you know I held up my index fingers. It is so true we/people tend to follow the path of least resistance, the one others do. Instead, we need to always ask the Holy Spirit to guide us. Not necessarily what mom, dad, close friends teach or do, but standing up for God when others may not have an fully open-eyed view. Being close-minded can turn others away from our grace-centered God.