Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Widows Worthy of Honor

Lamuel's mother lists the Godly attributes of a worthy woman in Proverbs 31. Paul describes widows who are worthy in 1 Timothy 5:4ff. Yesterday evening my family and I had an often repeated treat. One of the widows from Parrish invited us into her home as she does regularly for my family and many others in the congregation. This time however we brought a couple of extras in tow (my parents). This kind sister knew they were in town and specifically invited all five of us to have dinner with her. What a spread! A true fellowship feast! We sat down to fresh field peas, coleslaw, fresh cream corn, corn bread, chicken fried steak, boiled potatoes, fried okra, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced onion, macaroni and cheese, and for desert a home-made chocolate pie. I know I am forgetting something! The meal was wonderful and the hospitality worthy of mention.

I wish every congregation had a lady like our Sister Lorene. I owe her a big thanks for opening her home to us so often and especially for including my parents in this invitation. If more Christians were like this great sister, then maybe we could have a better influence on the world because they would see our love!

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