Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ten Religious Books That Influenced Me

Yesterday (Monday) I wrote two posts.  The second one was my "Passing the Torch" article.  Go back and read that if you missed it and be sure to read the other articles I linked to.  The first post yesterday concerned ten books that are among my favorite non-religious books. Today, I am sharing a list of Ten Religious Books that Influenced Me.  You will notice that I did not include the Bible in this list.  The Bible is by far the most important of all the religious books I read, but for this list, I wanted to include books by men and not the Book of Books by God.

1. Old Light on New Worship - John Price
2. Biblical Eldership - Alexander Strauch
3. Jesus and the Victory of God - N. T. Wright
4. What Did Saint Paul Really Say - N. T. Wright
5. The Gospel According to Jesus - John MacArthur
6. Living Jesus - Luke Timothy Johnson
7. The End Times - Russell Boatman
8. Is the Holy Spirit for Me - Harvey Floyd
9. Showtime - Dan Chambers
10. The God Who Risks - John Sanders

Honorable Mention -
- Twelve Ordinary Men - John MacArthur
- The God of the Towel - Jim McGuiggan
- Adrift - Phil Sanders
- Saddlebags, City Streets, and Cyberspace - Michael Cassey

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